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About Us

About Us

About Us

Little Angels can do so much with so little,
and you can be a part of that!


We believe we are unique to larger charities operating here in Africa, we pride ourselves on being able to show our visitors and donators exactly where there money is being spent. We are a smaller charity and have the advantage of being able to spend the large majority of our donations directly on the children and their educational needs. Five classrooms, an office and a toilet block have been built with construction already commenced on another classroom and accommodation for our volunteers.

All of this has been achieved solely by donations and sponsorship received from generous tourists visiting our local area. Little Angels needs all the help and support we can get, so please read through our website to see how you can help, we can do so much with so little and you can be a part of that.


Of the 200 registered children (3-8 years). Of these 200 children 120 are female and 80 are male. All primary age children are attending school but your help is needed to ensure that the children all continue going to school.


The Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project beneficiaries are subject to near-universal poverty conditions. Despite being preventable through adequate nutrition; conditions including Marasmus, Kwarshiokor, and stunted growth are highly prevalent. Very few (if any) of the needy children under Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project care can afford to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sweet potatoes, beans and Irish potatoes are the staple elements of the needy children’s diet.

Be proud of yourself, you’re really changing those little angels lifes!
Your passion is admirable.
Never give up!

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